Building A Solar Legacy

RSI, along with solar industry partners, has developed five solar facilities in Tennessee. These solar facilities deliver 4.2 MW of carbon-free power to more than 1,000 homes in our local community through the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and local power companies. Our solar facilities provide additional benefit to our communities by creating uses for undervalued properties and/or reusing previously damaged properties. For example, Powerhouse Six is a 1 MW utility-scale solar array at the Heritage Center in Oak Ridge that sits on a 5.5 acre parcel that is use-restricted because of Manhattan Project relics at the Department of Energy (DOE) former K-25 site. RSI is continuing to develop solar projects in keeping with our earth friendly core values.

Providing NDA For Comprehensive Characterization and Cost Savings

RSI provides Nondestructive Assay (NDA) services to assist in nuclear criticality incredible determinations and waste acceptance determinations. RSI’s approach to integrated characterization has resulted in significant efficiencies and cost savings, in millions of dollars, for our customers. 

Promoting Employee Wellness and Cherishing Our People

RSI aspires to help employees lead active, healthy lifestyles. We continue to expand our support of wellness initiatives by sponsoring fitness activities and providing health screenings and wellness coaching to employees. Following RSI’s #1 Tenet, Cherish Your People, RSI acknowledges employees who do a great job with the monthly “Rock Star” award.