Eclipse Impacts Solar Array in Oak Ridge

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During the solar eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017, Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI) was interested to see the impact that the solar eclipse had on energy production at Brightfield One solar array. At the time of solar eclipse totality in Oak Ridge, energy production temporarily dipped to zero.  The graph to the right shows the dramatic drop of production as the solar eclipse progressed throughout East Tennessee.

Brightfield One, a 200 kW solar photovoltaic array, is located on a one-acre tract at the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) that Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI) purchased from the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET). ETTP is the site of a former DOE Gaseous Diffusion Plant that is undergoing revitalization efforts. RSI self-financed the project, used solar panels manufactured in Tennessee, and partnered with other local small businesses for the installation.

Power generated from Brightfield One is being sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) through the City of Oak Ridge Electric Department using a Generation PartnersSM contract.

About RSI

Headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN, RSI is part of the ASRC Industrial Services (AIS) engineering and professional services operating group. Established in 1996, RSI has over 20 years of successful experience focused on environmental restoration projects and beneficial site reuse. Learn more about RSI at


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Headquartered in Concord, CA, AIS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation. AIS is organized within three capability based operating groups: construction, maintenance and repair; remediation and response services; and environmental engineering and professional services. AIS has more than 1,500 employees and operations throughout the Continental United States. AIS goes to market under the names Petrochem and Restoration Services, Inc. AIS and its subsidiaries are considered minority business enterprises. Learn more about ASRC Industrial Services at

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