The Scoop on Jostle

RSI’s management approach is guided by a simple “Top Ten” list of tenets.  Cherish Your People is number one. As a services business, RSI knows that the company is literally defined by its people. With the growth of the company and increasing number of locations, it has been hard to stay connected and enrich our company culture. Recognizing this, the RSI Board of Directors approved the development of an employee team to focus on creating a framework for a more active and involved company culture.

The team’s initial meetings focused on ideas that would advance the RSI culture. Throughout discussions the team identified areas of improvement and “bucketed” them into 4 simple categories: (1) Employee Ownership, (2) Benefits, (3) Feedback and improvement (4) Culture/Fun Factor. As the team continued to refine and look at these buckets and specifically how they could be improved, it became evident that there was a common trend in those solutions. That single trend was overwhelmingly COMMUNICATION.

Addressing communication for a small business with employees in multiple locations working under a variety of contract structures and security systems was a big hurdle. What we needed was a communication tool that could be accessed from every location and any device.

With our list of demands including easy access, security, and usability, the team reviewed several online systems and found Jostle. Jostle is a cloud-based intranet designed to improve employee engagement and internal communications. It has a phone/tablet app for ease of access even from field locations. Jostle provides features to: align organizations, teams, initiatives and values; share news; recognize everyone’s successes; and make sure each employee has the help and information they need to get work done. Specific features include: employee directory that can be personalized, data import/export, targeted announcements, event planning and calendar, discussion groups, surveys, document library, and collaboration tools.

With Jostle lined up, an implementation plan was developed, a team of Jostle administrators was lined up and began organizing and uploading employee resources, and COMMUNICATION began. RSI will be implementing Jostle to all employees the end of July 2016. The “launch” of Jostle will consist of a Jostle Launch Party to introduce employees to this new tool in a fun and exciting way. RSI is excited to provide a high level of connectivity and an avenue to increase employee engagement.