RSI Earns Overall Excellent Rating for Portsmouth Technical Services Contract

Restoration Services, Inc. earned an overall “excellent” rating by the U.S. Department of Energy for Fiscal Year 2015 on their Portsmouth Environmental Technical Services II contract. The contractor earned 92 percent of their available award. RSI earned “excellent” ratings in environment, safety & health, quality assurance, and field support and managing the program. They earned “very good” ratings in performing project support and administrative support. “The contractor met the majority of performance goals and objectives for the period,” the scorecard states.

DOE praised RSI for completing their fifth year of work without a recordable injury or illness. Key strengths were noted for their “team of high caliber technical experts,” outstanding performance managing, controlling, and tracking regulatory documents, and effective cost management resulting in a cost performance index of 1.6 for FY15. DOE also noted that their excellent field presence and expertise helped identify and mitigate potential safety and environmental issues. The Department did, however, note some areas for improvement, including turnaround time for the distribution of documents and more timely and consistent communication with DOE project managers and staff.

RSI was awarded the Portsmouth Environmental Technical Services II contract as the incumbent bidder in 2013. Services performed under the contract include: Program Management, Planning and Integration, Environmental Safety and Health and Quality Assurance, Waste Management, Regulatory Support, Investment Recovery, Nuclear Material Disposition and Nuclear Safety, Environmental Restoration and Regulatory Compliance, Decontamination and Decommissioning Oversight and Infrastructure Support, and Technical and Administrative Services.

RSI is an employee-owned, small business headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN, with offices in Oak Ridge, Portsmouth, OH, and Aiken, SC offering services focused on environmental cleanup and beneficial site reuse.

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