RSI Earns 92 percent of Award Fee for Portsmouth Technical Services Contract

February 6, 2015 - Portsmouth Environmental Technical Services contractor Restoration Services, Inc., earned 92 percent of its available award fee in Fiscal Year 2014, according to a scorecard by the Department of Energy yesterday. The contractor earned $322,828 out of a total available fee of $349,708. RSI earned “excellent” ratings in performing project support and control of contract costs and managing the program. It earned “very good” ratings in administrative support and environment, safety and health quality assurance. “The contractor met the majority of performance goals and objectives for the period,” the scorecard states.

DOE praised RSI for “professionally developed” presentations and communication, “timely and adequate” review of technical and regulatory documents and “effective and timely” analysis of budget, barter and site wide surveillance. The Department did, however, note some areas for improvement, many related to review and response of contractor letters and data requests from DOE via the “Livelink” system. “Better communication is needed between RSI managers and employees on assignments and staffing; between RSI Project Managers and administrative staff on Livelink actions and their statuses; and between RSI and DOE Project Managers with regard to changing conditions in the field and oversight activities,” the scorecard states. It adds, “More attention to detail is required in preparing letters and adding files to Livelink. All of the administrative staff need to be fully occupied with workload.”