Powerhouse Six Project Summary

Powerhouse Six is a 1 Megawatt utility scale photovoltaic electric power generating facility developed under a partnership between Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI) and Vis Solis, Inc. in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), URS│CH2M Oak Ridge, LLC, the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET), and the city of Oak Ridge (COR) in Tennessee. The project is located at the East Tennessee Technology Park at 209 Victorious Boulevard West, Oak Ridge, Tennessee on a 5-acre parcel (ED-5) acquired under a long-term commercial lease agreement with CROET. When completed, the project will sell electric power to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) though an interconnection with the COR Electric Department (CORED). Powerhouse Six LLC holds a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement contract with TVA to sell electric power.

The engineering, procurement, and construction of Powerhouse Six are being performed by Vis Solis with LightWave Solar, Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee, a Tennessee-based licensed and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners-certified solar installer as the primary subcontractor. The construction of Powerhouse Six will take approximately 2 months to complete, with the system expected to be commissioned in March 2015. Construction will involve more than 20 people on location during peak work periods. Powerhouse Six is owned and will be operated by Powerhouse Six, LLC, and an independent firm. Vis Solis will be performing the Asset Management and Operation & Maintenance during system operation.


Powerhouse Six benefits include the following:

  • Generates enough clean energy to provide electricity to 133 average-size homes per year
  • Off sets greenhouse gases equal to that produced by 203 passenger vehicles per year
  • Provides Brownfield reuse/redevelopment on a DOE site
  • Provides long-term lease payments to CROET and property tax income to COR
  • Supports Oak Ridge energy parks initiative
  • Supports TVA renewable energy initiative
  • Offers community economic development/jobs
  • Demonstrates collaboration between DOE and TVA for renewable energy development
  • Generates enough clean energy to power more than 100 homes
  • Supports DOE renewable energy goals

Powerhouse Six will use 3,268 solar modules rated at 305 Watts each that will be mounted on a GameChange fixed axis, innovative ballasted, ground mount system that minimizes ground disturbance at the ED-5 site. The solar power modules, manufactured by Canadian Solar, will be connected to 29 Solectria inverters that will transform the power from DC to AC. The project will produce around 1,400,000 kWh annually through CORED’s transmission system. System performance monitoring will be provided through MeteoControl.