RSI Purchases CROET Land for Solar Farm

December 27, 2011 - Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI) will soon turn a piece of formerly restricted-use land at the East Tennessee Technology Park into an operating solar farm. Last week, RSI completed the purchase of 1.29 acres, previously known as the K-770 area, from the Community Reuse Organization of East Tennessee (CROET). The CROET is an economic development organization whose purpose is to assist the private sector in creating quality jobs in the region by using the underutilized land, facilities, equipment, personnel, and technology available at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge complex.

The solar array, named Brightfield One, is part of RSI’s Brownfield to Brightfield initiative. The design is an outgrowth of a technical report “Solar Installations on Restricted Use Sites” that RSI completed through a grant from the Tennessee Solar Institute (TSI). Power generated from the site will be sold to TVA through the City of Oak Ridge Electric Department. The project will mark a first for RSI as they continue to expand their growing Renewable Energy Division.

“Locating the solar array at ETTP combines our traditional work with our newest venture,” says RSI President Staci Ferguson. “RSI personnel were involved in the regulatory decisions to clean up the K-770 site for the Department of Energy and now, through the reindustrialization effort, we are a part of turning the land back to beneficial re-use.”

RSI is scheduled to complete construction of the solar farm in February with continuing operations beginning in early March.