D.O.E. Awards Contract to Restoration Services Inc. for Environmental Technical Services at Portsmouth Location

WASHINGTON, DC - The D.O.E. (DOE) today announced that Restoration Services, Incorporated (RSI), has been awarded a task order for environmental technical services supporting the remediation and decontamination and decommissioning (D&D)of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP) at DOE's Portsmouth Location in Pinkerton, Ohio. The time and materials task order under the Environmental Services GSA Federal Supply Schedule is valued at approximately $67 million over 5 years (a three-year base period with the option to extend it for another 2 years).

RSI is a woman-owned small business based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The team also includes Haselwood Enterprises, Incorporated and Hill International.

"The Department is proud to harness the ingenuity of small businesses in assisting our federal staff with the path forward at Portsmouth," said Assistant Secretary James A. Rispoli. "This contract assures that basic support services will be in place as we work with the community on the larger cleanup tasks that lie ahead."

The environmental technical services task order is the 1st of 3 contracts D.O.E. projects on awarding over the next 2 years to launch the Portsmouth GDP D&D Project, which will eventually lead to the closure of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in the coming decades. The scope of this task order includes supporting D.O.E. in integrated baseline oversight and plan controls; regulatory strategy and document preparation; environmental and facility sampling and characterization; waste characterization and waste acceptance packages; data management and risk assessment; environmental monitoring; and remedial actions; and by providing quality assurance of the anticipated Portsmouth D&D management and integration contractor. The contractor will also support D.O.E. in establishing a Citizen's Advisory Board and interacting with all stakeholders to develop the overall Portsmouth cleanup strategy.

The Portsmouth Location is a 3,714-acre federal reservation in south-central Ohio. The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant was constructed by the Atomic Energy Commission in the early 1950s to enrich the fissionable U-235 isotope from natural uranium to various product concentrations. For additional information on the D.O.E.'s Office of Environmental Management and on the Portsmouth, Ohio Site, visit the Office of Environmental Management or Environmental Management's Consolidated Business Center.