Sally, WRRP Technical Support / LUC Implementation Coordinator

Sally has more than 17 years of experience as an environmental scientist working on U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and private industry environmental investigation and restoration contracts. Sally joined the RSI team in 2000; her experience includes field investigations and field sample management, waste generation information, forecasting, and database management to remediation effectiveness reporting and long-term stewardship implementation and verification.

Sally has a broad knowledge of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) process from pre-remedial activities to post-completion activities that she uses in her work as Water Resources Restoration Program (WRRP) Technical Support and Land Use Control (LUC) Implementation Coordinator for the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR). She has participated in the development of many CERCLA documents including records of decision, land use control implementation plans, phased construction completion reports, and remedial action reports. She also has broad knowledge of Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations pertaining to RCRA closure and post-closure care.  Her experience includes working closely with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board Stewardship Committee.

Sally participates in the ORR CERCLA Five Year Review process and provided expertise in the area of Land Use Controls and Long-term Stewardship. Annually she assists in the preparation of the Remediation Effectiveness Report.  Sally recently assisted in the development of a comprehensive tracking software tool for engineering and land-use controls.

Growing up in Columbia, TN, the “Mule Capital of the World,” Sally had an interest in drawing and painting.  She started college with thoughts of being an elementary school art teacher, but Freshman Geology spawned a love of earth sciences!  Sally earned her degree from the University of Tennessee in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geology. Sally and her family enjoy spending time outdoors. Personal interests include health and wellness, cooking, and gardening.

You can reach Sally by email at