Mickey, Nondestructive Assay (NDA) Operations Manager

Mickey joined RSI in 2011, to lead the company’s Nondestructive Assay (NDA) operations at the East Tennessee Technology Park.  Mickey leads a dynamic group of men and women that are now responsible for performing NDA campaigns in and around the whole Oak Ridge Reservation. His leadership has garnered excellent reviews for RSI’s NDA program and success.

Mickey is a Registered Radiation Protection Technologist and an ASTM NDA Professional. He earned his degree at Shawnee State University and is a member of the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists and the American Nuclear Society. He has 24 years of combined management and technical expertise in nondestructive assay and radiation protection technology at uranium enrichment facilities, commercial nuclear reactors, and nuclear facilities undergoing decommissioning and decontamination. Mickey is highly experienced in the field of nondestructive assay specializing in radiological characterization for waste disposition, Nuclear Material Control and Accountability, and National Security Programs, with 18 years of gamma-ray spectroscopy and passive neutron physics experience. He has authored and co-authored technical papers and delivered numerous professional presentations including presentations to members of the United Kingdom Parliament, United Kingdom Nirex Limited, U.S. Department of Energy, and the American Nuclear Society.

Mickey was born and raised Baton Rouge, Louisiana, spending the majority of his youth boating, fishing, racing, and playing baseball.  To this day he remains a dedicated baseball coach and spectator to his two kids who are part of their high school baseball programs.  After spending the first ten years of his career traveling around the United States working at various nuclear facilities, he settled in East Tennessee where he and his wife have enjoyed the last 15 years. Mickey says, “I have lived and worked in 10 different states in my career and nothing quite compares to life in East Tennessee.”

Mickey can be reached by email at mtunstall@rsienv.com