Lesley, Regulatory Specialist and NHPA Subject Matter Expert

Lesley joined RSI in 2008 and works from the Oak Ridge office. She has nearly 30 years of experience as a subject matter expert, project manager, and technical liaison on regulatory and environmental issues supporting industrial and infrastructure clients and the Department of Energy. Her areas of expertise include federal real property transfer for reuse; land use planning, the integration of NHPA compliance with CERCLA projects; and other types of regulatory integration and streamlining in parallel with multi-contaminant cleanup under state and federal mandates. She is frequently called upon as a technical advisor on regulatory policy and environmental impact analysis. She also is a designer of credible and effective communication tools for use both internally and with members of the public, regulators, and other stakeholders, with particular skills in risk communication.

Lesley won a prestigious corporate award for “leadership, motivation, commitment, and persistence” in achieving brownfield program goals and was recently recognized by DOE leadership for contributions to the Department’s Asset Revitalization Initiative. 

Lesley is a native of Queens, NY growing up in a neighborhood of first generation Americans. Hearing all of the different languages, listening to the many types of music, enjoying the home-cooked foods of the immigrants and learning about their cultures are fond memories, along with only being 30 minutes from Long Island beaches for summer fun. After going away for undergraduate and graduate school, Lesley came back to NY. Her first professional job was with an architect/engineer firm located on the 90th floor of the World Trade Center. She has fond memories of working there and tries to make return trips to the site where they stood each time she goes "home." Lesley loves to bake and is known for her homemade biscotti and chocolate babka. Lesley is an avid runner, gardener, birder, and vocalist, singing tenor in the a capella choir in her church. She especially enjoys long road trips and adventures throughout the US with her husband.

Lesley can be reached by email at lcusick@rsienv.com