Gil, Renewable Energy Manager

Gil was named the Renewable Energy Manager at RSI in 2011 to lead the company into the renewable energy market. Gil led a diverse team of environmental compliance and cleanup specialists to implement an environmental engineering approach for locating solar power facilities on “Brownfield” sites. The “Brownfield to Brightfields” approach led to the development of RSI’s first 200 kW solar power facility. Gil and his team subsequently developed a 1 MW utility-scale solar power facility on a former Department of Energy uranium enrichment site. We further evolved the concept into the “Solar Advantage” model for creating environmental sustainability attributes on industrial development sites by locating utility scale solar power facilities on unusable land parcels. RSI has several more 1 MW Solar Advantage power facilities under development in the East Tennessee region.

Gil has more than 14 years of experience developing renewable energy projects in Tennessee and the southeastern region. He is truly one of the founding fathers of the solar energy industry in Tennessee and was a founding member of Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association (TenneSEIA), where he currently serves as President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors. He represents TenneSEIA on two important Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) stakeholder committees. Gil is known for his strong influence in advancing policies that help grow the solar industry.

Gil was born and was raised in Michigan, spending the majority of his youth reading and boating. After graduating from college, where he mainly studied his love of the sport of rowing, he left for various adventures which included several years of non-violent reconciliation work in Northern Ireland, working with refugees from Central America, and teaching English as a second language in Mexico. Gil eventually settled in Tennessee. Gil’s main pastime is writing creative fiction, if you would like to checkout some of his novels go to

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