Completion Verification & LTM of TVA Ash Recovery Project 

RSI implements long-term monitoring for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Kingston Ash Recovery Project under successive contracts over the past 5 years. RSI provided required routine monitoring and sampling to document completion of ash removal in accordance with the regulator-approved plan. RSI assisted TVA in gaining approval for the CERCLA Quality Assurance Program Plan for all environmental data collection. Having all the required documentation for planning, execution, and closeout assisted TVA during litigation. RSI also supported master planning and design for the beneficial re-use of the spill site as a public recreational area. 

ORR Long-term Stewardship and Water Resources Restoration

RSI manages the Long-term Stewardship and Water Resources Restoration Program of the 35,000 acre Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR). We execute the CERCLA post closure remedial action long-term monitoring and S&M activities, including all surface and groundwater monitoring, data evaluation, and reporting at over 60 sites. RSI operates the ORR Sample Management Office. We perform permit compliance monitoring of groundwater treatment facilities and ORNL’s category 2 nuclear Liquid and Gaseous Waste Operations treatment system and we provide analytical data verification and validation per Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance QA/G-8. We are responsible for the ORR Environmental Information Management Program and multiple data management systems necessary for regulatory compliance. RSI uses a land use management information system to ensure compliance with post-closure monitoring requirements and land use and deed restrictions. RSI produces the Annual Remediation Effectiveness Reports and the CERCLA Five year Reviews that evaluate remedial action protection of human health and the environment.

Over 31 routine sampling events, RSI monitors 917 wells and 1,725 surface water locations annually. We manage the analysis of more than 16,000 environmental samples annually through the Sample Management Office including data validation, management and evaluation.

DOE Reindustrialization at Former Gaseous Diffusion Plant

RSI helped design and implement the process for successful property leases and transfers from federal ownership to the Community Reuse Organization (CRO) in support of economic development at DOE’s East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP), a former gaseous diffusion plant. Our approach provided the integration of multiple regulatory requirements to save costs and reduce iterative delays to the planning, analysis, and risk assessment process for property reuse. 
RSI manages the ETTP reindustrialization process to systematically assess potential reuse sites, including screening and inspecting targeted reindustrialization facilities and properties, collecting characterization samples for analysis, and performing screening-level risk assessments to determine property reuse options. RSI also redeveloped two ETTP brownfield sites for solar power generation, Brightfield One (200 kW) and Powerhouse Six (1 MW) solar farms.