UCOR Integrated Characterization Operations

RSI’s approach to integrated characterization has resulted in significant efficiencies and cost savings. As an integrated team subcontractor to URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR), RSI provides all characterization services in support of water quality long-term stewardship, environmental compliance, remedial actions, facility deactivation and demolition, and disposal site operations, along with NDA services to assist in nuclear criticality incredible determinations and waste acceptance determinations. RSI provides support for the Nuclear Material Control and Accountability (NMC&A) program and D&D materials safeguards and security oversight.

RSI’s integrated approach to characterization operations resulted in up to $2 million per year sustained cost savings.

TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project

RSI provided environmental management and characterization support on the TVA Kingston Ash Recovery Project. RSI led the preparation of the corrective action plan for submittal to the State of Tennessee. Under emergency response-type conditions, RSI provided field characterization personnel, including data management and transportation support specialists, and developed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4‑compliant plans and procedures from the ground up. RSI instituted field documentation and sample chain‑of‑custody protocols across the project to ensure all collected field data met EPA Region 4 quality and defensibility requirements. More than 10,000 environmental media and biota samples were collected by RSI.

“Without [RSI’s] hard work and dedication we could not have accomplished what we have accomplished.  It has truly been (and remains) an honor to work with such dedicated and capable professionals.” – senior TVA executive

ORR Facility Integrated Characterization

RSI provides characterization of concrete slabs, soils, and buried infrastructure of former DOE uranium enrichment facilities on the 32,500 acre Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR), including the K 25 and K-27 buildings, Poplar Creek facilities, and the process gas tie lines, to ensure an integrated approach to characterization and decision making. Major areas of integration include development of sampling and analysis plans and work packages, coordination of laboratory resources, and support of data management and inventory management. RSI collects thousands of NDA measurements and physical samples annually for characterizing D&D waste.