RSI Top Ten Tenets

RSI’s overall management approach is guided by a simple “Top Ten” list of tenets from “1. Cherish Your People” to “10. Delight Your Customers.” This approach has served the company and its employees well, and is reflected by the overwhelming satisfaction of their customers and sustained business growth.
  1. Cherish Your People - As a services business, RSI knows that the company is literally defined by its people. RSI sponsors programs to foster employee work/personal life balance that creates a family-like work environment.
  2. Stay Within Your Headlights - The company does not attempt to overreach its capabilities.
  3. Deliver Quality - The quality of RSI’s work products is consistently outstanding. The care RSI shows for its employees inspires them to deliver their best every day.
  4. Focus Your Services - Rather than attempt to offer many services, RSI has developed exceptional capabilities in Project Controls, Field Characterization, and Environmental Documentation.
  5. Manage Your Risks - RSI aggressively identifies, manages, and mitigates project risks, contract risks, and operational risks.
  6. Chew Your Food - RSI practices chewing their food before they take another bite. This assures that the company doesn’t over-commit to its customers or tax its personnel. The company can and does say “no” to additional work if they don’t believe they can perform up to their standards.
  7. Protect Your Reputation - Companies, like people, build a professional reputation by doing what they say they are going to do. Our reputation has led to our success in being an integrated teaming partner under successive contracts for the past 17 years.
  8. Work Hard/Play Hard - RSI maintains a culture that promotes a healthy balance between home life and work and supports health and wellness activities for all employees. 
  9. Build a Strong Foundation - The company started with a small group of talented, focused individuals who have built a 250-person company with a stable backlog of long-term contract work.
  10. Delight Your Customers - RSI takes customer support and responsiveness to a new level by anticipating customer needs and proactively providing the basis for key decisions.