Corporate Profile

RSI is a small business founded 1996 in Oak Ridge, TN, serving major federal clients and Fortune 500 engineering and construction companies. With more than 280 employees, RSI has worked to earn a reputation for customer satisfaction through cost-effective and innovative solutions. We have over 21 years of experience in the highly regulated federal and utility markets providing environmental restoration services and project controls while maintaining an excellent safety record.

In October 2016, RSI was acquired by Arctic Slope Regional Corporation's (ASRC) wholly-owned subsidiary ASRC Industrial Services (AIS). RSI is a cornerstone of the platform AIS is building to provide comprehensive environmental and construction management services to Federal and commercial customers nationwide.

RSI’s long-term success is centered around our core competencies focused on environmental cleanup and industrial site reuse. We perform a wide range of services so we are able to provide an integrated approach to project planning, execution, and closure activities. RSI's core competencies include:

  • Environmental Regulatory Strategy providing planning for strategic project development, execution, and decision documents to meet regulatory requirements while working to reduce cost and accelerate schedules.
  • Comprehensive Characterization offering our wide array of highly-specialized characterization capabilities with knowledge of the environment and facility infrastructure to develop a complete and customized approach for achieving site restoration, facility demolition, or reuse objectives. 
  •  Long-term Stewardship executing surveillance and maintenance of post-closure infrastructure to ensure continued protection of human health and the environment and support beneficial site reuse.
  •  Project Controls developing and maintaining integrated site-wide and project life-cycle baselines, detailed cost estimating and scheduling, and managing the evaluation of overall project risks to support the execution of major environmental and capital infrastructure projects.
  • Renewable Energy creating a lineage of environmental stewardship and sustainability achievements by developing utility-scale solar projects for reuse of brownfield or underutilized sites and to provide additional value to commercial development.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success.

They contribute to our continued growth by maintaining RSI’s commitment to develop strong customer relationships—being easy to work with, highly responsive, and team players. RSI's acquisition by AIS is a blend of similar employee-centric cultures that enables us to attract the best talent to serve our customers' needs. 

RSI received an overall "Excellent" rating from the Department of Energy (DOE) for our Fiscal Year 2016 work at the Portsmouth site. 

RSI has produced millions of dollars in cost savings and avoidance for our customers through our strategic planning, integrated characterization approach, on-demand staffing, and competitive procurements. RSI’s past performance is flawless and we have outstanding Contract Performance Assessment Rating System (CPARS) ratings and excellent performance feedback from DOE, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and DOE prime contractors we have supported.